Dress Code


The Dress Code standards are in place to ensure the level of enjoyment you receive while visiting QC Social Lounge.  They are extremely important to us and have been established to compliment your overall experience at the Lounge.  Our Staff is here to answer any questions you have about the dress code and they have been directed to gently remind those who accidentally forget or are uninformed of the standards. Management reserves the right to define “appropriate” attire.  We hope that the following guidelines will assist you in making your time spent at the Lounge as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.

  • All members and guests shall be neat and wear appropriate attire at all times. (No Birthday Suits)
  • Members and guests shall not change clothes or shoes in the parking lot, **especially behind the dumpster. 
  • The “jeans in good taste” policy is strictly enforced under the condition that they are fashionable. (Rips and Tears are cool… for now.)
  • Flip-flop shoes shall not be worn inside the lounge at any time. (Just at the beach – “Dirty Myrtle”)
  • Casual sneakers are cool.. **but not fluorescent color running shoes, basketball sneakers, or anything athletic (please use your best judgment) 
  • Fashionable hats are ok.. (Ball caps are not ok. Anything with a team logo is not ok. Snapbacks and fitted hats are not ok, and NOT Fashionable, especially when worn backward – BRO).
  • No shorts… hot or not, we control the temperature inside.
  • Please no Athletic gear or sleep wear.. we are not a Cross Fit gym or Yoga Studio


.. If you’re looking into the mirror before going out and wondering if you’ll end up coming home alone tonight based on what you’re wearing, chances are you most DEFINITELY will not get in. 

Thank you for your cooperation.